Business Summit for HR. Change the Game. 10 years of CIPD in Romania

For us, this year’s Business Summit for HR meant a celebration of the Human Resources learning community that we have been developing since 2006. On the 9th of November over 100 people celebrated 10 years of CIPD in Romania.

It was a great joy to reconnect with students and graduates spanning 16 CIPD cohorts, to learn about their success stories as senior HR practitioners and to see that we are connected by a shared passion towards the Human Resources profession. The story of CIPD in Romania is made up of the individual journeys of every practitioners and we are grateful for every encounter that we had among this 10 years, enabling us to grow and to be of better service to the HR community.



The conference began on this note of celebration, with a heartfelt speech from Roxana Mocanu, HR Ambassador and founder of the CIPD school in Romania. Roxana shared with us the story of placing Romania on CIPD’s map, of how to give a voice to Human Resources as a profession in our country. It was also an excellent opportunity to start the conversation about the Game Changers – a movement we aim at raising the profile of the leading change makers in the region and building connections among those in the vanguard.




We are very grateful to have had Professor David Clutterbuck, the father of developmental mentoring, as keynote speaker. David talked about the Leader as Changemaster, highlighting three core traits of an authentic leader: courage, curiosity and compassion. He defined leadership as “Having the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time” or “the dialogue to move the mountains”. In this context, the evolving role of HR is to help leaders maintain their connection with those three C’s.



David’s leadership model was beautifully portrayed by Ilinca Paun, Managing Director Colliers International Romania, our next speaker. Ilinca told us about her journey of becoming a better leader, about how she sets an example of driving change, inspiring others to embrace the values of openness, innovation and, most of all, courage.




The following two speakers are changing the game in their respective industries: Iulian Circiumaru, co-founder of Benefit Seven and 7card revealed the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, with a illustration of how the passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle can grow into a successful business, facilitating access to sports and wellness benefits to employees in over 200 companies in Romania. Raluca Cimpea, Senior Trainer at Exelo brought us a new perspective of how to support inter-generational learning and the development of Millennials, through an interactive online business simulation.




A highlight of the conference was the presence of Professor Ian Favell, CIPD Chief External Quality Adviser, who shared with us CIPD’s vision on the future of the HR profession, which positions Human Resources as a strategic partner for the business. Prof. Favell also made us the honour of handing the certificates to our happy 2016 CIPD graduates, in the dedicated Award Ceremony.



One of the most interactive moments of the day was the panel session: a conversation between the audience and our five guests, Prof. David Clutterbuck, Florentina Soare – ITOL SoL, Roxana Radulescu – Kinstellar, Cristina Ionescu – Monsanto and Ilinca Paun – Colliers International, with Roxana Mocanu as moderator. We started a discussion on the Game Changers of Business, that quickly developed into a discussion on mentoring programmes (benefits, how to foster a culture of mentoring in the organisation, how to cope with challenges) and the use of mentoring for successful knowledge transfer between generations.



In the second part of the conference we moved from concept to practice, in the course of two workshops.

The “Next Generation Business Leaders” workshop, facilitated by Roxana Mocanu, addressed an exciting invitation to the audience: to take part in a cross organisational mentoring programme, aimed at developing the next generation of business leaders. During the workshop we discussed the willingness, readiness and potential challenges for such a project, receiving valuable input from the participants.

David Clutterbuck closed the day with a workshop about ”Essential conversations on business development”. In his latest work, David challenges the traditional system of talent management and thus faced the audience with research on the ineffectiveness of the “nine box grid” and other “classic” talent and performance management instruments. Beginning with “If succession planning and talent management work, how come the wrong people so often get to the top?”, David revealed a series of questions that help HR and business professionals alike to start critical conversations on how to harness talent in the organisation. David also introduced the concept of “talent wave” – a shift from treating talent and succession planning as a linear process to a complex and dynamic one.



The day wouldn’t have been as lively without the support of Bogdan Grigore, Managing Partner Bogdan puts the “Game” in Game Changer, facilitating meaningful networking experiences and helping people grow through business improvisation exercises. 



Finally, we would like to address a warm thank-you to our event partners, who supported us in organizing the second edition of Business Summit for HR. Change the Game: Benefit Seven & 7card, Exelo, Asociatia Romana de Corporate Wellness, British Council, Dekon Business Solution, Tie-Me-Up, Prior,, ARC Pro, Portal HR, DOR, My Secret Romania and to our wonderful team and volunteers.

We invite you to continue the conversation by joining one of our four learning & practice communities (Learning & Development, Human Resources, Organisation Design and Development and Coaching & Mentoring) and we hope to meet again at one of our upcoming events and courses:

  1. Organisation Design Master Class: The Role of HR in Mergers & Acquisitions, in partnership with EODF (European Organisation Design Forum) – 24 November 2016
  2. Talent Management. Winning the Talent War. CIPD short course – 8 December 2016
  3. HR Business Partner. CIPD short course – 14 December 2016